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Flashfiction -- Sex with a Stranger (X-posted from FFF)

I decided to take a (brief) hiatus from Always a Groomsman.  I know where I want the story to go, but it's not cooperating.  Next week there will be a new installment, I promise.  :)

To entertain you in the meantime, here's a flashfiction called "Sex with a Stranger." 

This one is DEFINITELY not worksafe! 

You've been warned...

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Happy endings

Holiday Flashfiction #3: What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

Here is the last of my short series of holiday flashfics. This one was written in honor of the recent repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell--and the fact that gay soldiers STILL can't come out until the repeal is certified.

Don't worry, it's not political. :)

Go check out the rest of the crew at Free Fiction Friday.

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Holiday Flashfiction #1: The Office Party (X-posted from Free Fiction Friday)

For this month, I decided to try to do a new holiday flashfiction piece each time I'm scheduled here. That means a short holiday tale from me today, December 17, and December 31. I plan to start a new serial story for my first post of 2011. (Is anyone else freaked out by how close 2011 is???? It seems like 2010 just got here...)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little tale. :)

And as always, check out the other free fictioneers at the FFF community.

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Last month, l_prieto and I challenged each other to write 10,000 words.  Our goal was to ramp it up each month: 20k this month, and 30k in November. 

My September total was a miserable +/- 2500 words.  :( 

So far this month I've made 3130, all Friday and today (2139 on Nick's story, for those of you who are waiting for that one).  That wouldn't have been stellar for the good old days, when I could do that sort of thing often.  After all the trouble I've had writing lately, though, I consider that a HUGE improvement.  I might actually finish something before the year's out!  :D

I'm determined to at least get close to the 20k for this month.