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Money's Worth, Part Seven (X-posted from FFF)

Whew, I've just barely made the deadline...

Still no idea how this is going to end, but I do know what's going to happen next. :D


Money’s Worth—Part Seven

In the living room, Cole perched on the edge of the couch as if he was unsure of his welcome. 

Stan handed him the glass of whisky, which Cole accepted with alacrity.  Cole took a sip right away.  “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.”  Stan hovered beside the couch for another couple of seconds before he decided to go for broke.  Instead of taking the opposite end of the couch, he sat close enough to Cole to feel the other man’s heat. 

His proximity didn’t seem to bother Cole one bit.  In fact, Cole’s tight expression relaxed into a slight smile.  “I feel like a teenager again.  I haven’t been so nervous about a date since, well, ever.”

Stan chuckled at that.  “I haven’t either.  But I don’t usually meet men who like physics.  I don’t want to scare you away.”

Cole burst out laughing.  “I never thought my love for physics would be the key to snagging a guy.”

When Cole put it that way, it was pretty funny.  Stan snickered.  “I’m a man of refined tastes.”

After saluting Stan with the glass, Cole downed the rest of his drink.  He put the glass on the end table.  Next, he took Stan’s glass and set it next to his own.  Eyes heating, he leaned in until their faces were mere inches apart.  “Really?”

“Really.”  Stan closed the gap, brushing his lips lightly over Cole’s.  Against Cole’s mouth, he murmured, “And I think you taste delicious.”

He kissed Cole again, this time with a little more pressure. 

Cole’s lips turned up against Stan’s, but he said nothing.  He parted his lips and let Stan in, allowing his actions to speak for him.     

At first, Stan kept the kiss light and coaxing, not that Cole gave the impression of needing to be coaxed.  Stan just wanted to savor the sweet buildup.  And it was sweet indeed.  Cole’s mouth was that curious, masculine mix of soft and firm.  Intrigued and aroused by the contrast, Stan teased Cole’s full bottom lip with his tongue.   

Then Cole made another one of those quiet, sexy sounds he’d made in the kitchen earlier, and Stan decided slow was overrated.  He deepened the kiss, exploring Cole’s slick, hot mouth with his tongue. 

Cole groaned and slid his tongue along Stan’s.  The wet friction seemed to arc through Stan’s entire body, jolting him with renewed desire.    

Suddenly feeling daring, he slid a hand beneath the back of Cole’s jacket.  Even through the layers of material separating his hand from skin, he could feel Cole’s heat.  Cole gasped and let his head fall back enough to break the kiss. 

Stan seized the opportunity to put one of his earlier fantasies into action.  He pressed his lips against Cole’s jaw in a featherlight touch to test the other man’s reaction.  Cole didn’t pull away—just the opposite.  He tilted his head further to give Stan better access. 

For a few seconds Stan had the urge to pinch himself to make sure he was awake.  Things like this didn’t happen to him.  Smart, sexy former students didn’t go on dates with him, and they certainly didn’t let him kiss them afterward.

And only I would be stupid enough to analyze it when it did happen!  Stan smiled to himself and shook off his musings.  The smooth skin of Cole’s throat called to him.  He kissed his way along Cole’s jaw to his ear.  He paused there for a moment to nibble to soft earlobe, then ghosted his lips along Cole’s jugular. 

“Stan,” Cole whispered, his eyelids falling shut.

Stan nuzzled Cole’s throat, so delicate yet so strong, feeling Cole’s heartbeat through his skin.  The collar of Cole’s shirt kept him from going lower.  Impatient, he reached for the top button.  “Is this okay?”

Cole’s eyes popped open again.  “Hell, yes, it’s okay.”  He shrugged his suit coat off and let the heavy garment fall to the couch. 

Stan’s fingers, unsteady with nerves and desire, fumbled with the shirt buttons for a few seconds before he managed to open the top two.  Not wanting to give himself time to think too much, Stan leaned forward and kissed the tiny divot at the base of Cole’s throat.  The sharp indrawn breath he got in response told him Cole liked what he was doing.  He teased the tiny dip with his tongue.  Cole swallowed hard, making the skin shift beneath Stan’s tongue. 

“Mm.  I take that back.  Delicious doesn’t even begin to describe you.”  Stan pressed moist kisses against Cole’s collarbone, pausing to suck at the spot where his neck met his shoulder.  He wanted to suck harder, to mark Cole, to let Cole mark him, but he didn’t.  Maybe that would come later. 

To distract himself, he kissed his way back up Cole’s neck to his lips.  Cole met his return with a hard kiss, threading a hand into Stan’s hair.  With his other hand, Cole pushed at Stan’s jacket.

 The heat that poured through Stan left little room for anything else.  Unwilling to break the kiss, he tried to shrug his jacket off as Cole had done.  The stubborn thing didn’t seem to want to go.  A few moments of awkward maneuvering followed, while both Cole and Stan wrestled with the jacket. 

Finally, it slipped over Stan’s shoulders and off.  He pushed it to the floor.  His hands free, he brought them up to attack Cole’s shirt buttons.  In seconds, he had several more unbuttoned, exposing the soft, worn white t-shirt beneath the crisp dress shirt.  He ran his palms over the material, savoring Cole’s warmth and the way Cole’s nipples pebbled under his exploration.

Cole groaned, an almost pained sound, and pulled back to stare into Stan’s eyes.  “Please tell me we’re not going to stop this time.”

Cole’s burning blue gaze raised Stan’s desire to a level he had no desire to contain.  “We’re definitely not going to stop this time.”

Cole smiled.  “Good.”               


The next installment should be much hotter... :D
October 8 is my next scheduled FFF day. :)