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Money's Worth, Part Eight (X-posted from FFF)

I really enjoyed writing this installment of Money's Worth.  It's not quite as much of a tease as the last few have been (although I admit it's a bit of a cliffie.  BWAHAHAHAHAAAA)

(X-posted from free fiction friday -- be sure to check out the other free fictioneers, vaughn_r_demont and id_locke )

Money’s Worth—Part Eight


Good wasn’t quite strong enough, in Stan’s opinion, but it would do.  “Come back here.”  He smiled back at Cole and used the gaping sides of Cole’s dress shirt to reel the younger man back in.    

Cole laughed, a soft, pleased sound.  “Impatient?”

“Not usually.”  Stan started to draw the tucked-in shirt free of Cole’s waistband.  “For you, definitely.”    

Cole’s eyes sparked, and he hastened to help.  In seconds, they had the dress shirt untucked.  Stan drew it down Cole’s arms and tossed it aside, leaving Cole in only his t-shirt.  One step closer to bare skin.  Stan nearly shivered at the thought.  He knew Cole would be stunning. 

To draw out the anticipation just a bit more, Stan left the t-shirt alone.  He moved to kiss Cole again. 

Meeting him halfway, Cole pressed a quick peck to Stan’s lips before he shifted to Stan’s jaw.  “Turnabout’s fair play,” he murmured against Stan’s skin.

Stan really did shiver at that.  Never one to turn down a good thing, he tilted his head.  “Feel free.”  As Cole nibbled his way down Stan’s neck, Stan added, “Feels good.”

The warm, moist touches continued, lower and lower.  Stan closed his eyes as one button, and then two, of his shirt fell prey to Cole’s dexterous fingers.  Fabric whispered over his shoulders and arms, and cool air touched his skin. 

Cole broke away again.  A rustle indicated that Cole had tossed Stan’s shirt to the floor. 

Suddenly desperate to touch, Stan slid a hand under the back of Cole’s shirt.  Warm, silky-smooth skin met his questing fingers.  Cole moaned and shifted until their chests were pressed together.  The heat radiating from Cole warmed Stan instantly, while a chill of pleasure skated over his skin at the same time.  The contrast was almost dizzying. 

“Please say I can take this off,” Cole muttered.  He tugged at Stan’s undershirt, his hands telegraphing desire and impatient pleading. 

In answer, Stan lifted his arms.  Cole’s big hands pushed the thin cotton up with a slowness that was both frustrating and arousing.  Small calluses on Cole’s palms scraped over Stan’s sides and chest.  Stan hissed out a breath at the sensation. 

Then Cole pulled back again and dragged the undershirt over Stan’s head.  After a long moment passed and Cole didn’t resume what he’d been doing, a tiny thread of apprehension wormed its way up Stan’s spine.  The thin, old-fashioned tank style undershirt he’d worn hadn’t provided much concealment for his body, but it had been something.  Now he had nothing at all to shield himself.  Would Cole, younger and fitter, be disappointed?  Stan risked a look at Cole’s face.    

Cole was staring at him, nothing but honest appreciation in his gaze.  “You know, when I had your class I used to stare at you and imagine what you’d look like under those professor-y clothes.”

Heat filled Stan’s cheeks.  “I had no idea.”  He paused.  “Are you very disappointed?”

A raised eyebrow greeted Stan’s words.  “No.  No way.  If anything, you’re sexier than I imagined.”  Cole gave him a self-conscious little grin.  “It’s kind of hard to believe that after all my daydreaming during class, I’m finally here with you.”

“Want me to pinch you?”  Stan tweaked one of Cole’s tiny nipples through his shirt.  “See, you’re awake.”

Cole laughed.  “Sexy and funny.”  He curled a hand around Stan’s nape and drew him closer.  “Kiss me again.  Please.”

Stan didn’t even consider refusing the request.  Their mouths met and melded.  One kiss turned into two, then more.  Cole explored Stan’s chest with his fingertips.  When they skated over Stan’s nipples, they jumped to attention, far more sensitive than they had ever seemed to be before.

Stan couldn’t help the moan that escaped.  Cole was driving him to distraction.  And why was he still wearing a shirt?  Stan gripped the hem of Cole’s t-shirt and yanked at it. 

Taking the hint, Cole whipped the shirt off.  They had to break apart when it reached Cole’s head.  Stan took the opportunity to drink in the sight of Cole, shirtless and rumpled.  His chest was wider than Stan’s, and more muscled.  His torso narrowed to a slim waist, his stomach flat but not an intimidating, overly cut six-pack.  He either worked out or had been blessed with a naturally good body.  Stan would bet on a bit of both.  He slid a palm over Cole’s pec and down to his stomach, admiring the contrast of smooth skin with taut muscle.  Unable to think of a way to tell Cole how beautiful he was without sounding silly or awkward, Stan gave him a hot look, hoping to tell him with his gaze. 

Cole must have gotten the message, because his eyes darkened.  He touched Stan’s jaw in a tender gesture at odds with his expression.  “Maybe it’s too soon, and if so, tell me, but I’d really like to be with you tonight.  Even if it’s just to touch you, or suck you.  Hell, I’d be happy even to just hold you.  Whatever you want.”

 Oh God.  Thick, scorching waves of desire washed through Stan, stealing his breath.  Maybe this was too soon, but Stan’s body couldn’t have cared less—and neither could his heart.  This felt right.  Cole felt right.  And it was a night for taking chances.    

He had to pause for several seconds before he could manage a reply.  “I’d like that too.  Any of that.  All of that.”  He meant the words.  With Cole, anything would be good. 

Cole’s joyful blue eyes and elated smile told Stan he’d made the right choice.  Without pausing to second-guess himself or do any of the things he would normally ruin things by doing, Stan held out his hand.  “Come see my bedroom?”

A warm, large hand slid into his.  Cole’s grip was strong and sure.  “I’d love to.  Lead the way.”


Hi, Cassandra ... just wanted to let you know that I just finished "Unclaiming Ciaran" and I'm LOVING IT! It's a very good closure to the trilogy. I love that Ciaran finally get touched with his demon, because I believe he can be a bad ass when he needs to be, protecting Drew and all :). Can't wait to read Nick's story.

AND OH, I need to catch up with "Money's worth"
I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I've loved writing about Ciaran and Drew. And you're right, Ciaran can be a badass when he has to. :)

Nick's story is coming along sloooooooowly. I'm hoping to get it out by the middle of next year, but we'll see.
Oh! I'm just catching up with Money's Worth! It's fabulously sexy and sweet. These boys are so...desperately love-starved...and so hot for each other...and so...so...polite!

You're doing a good job with keeping the build-up going! The set up of the date was a real treat to read; the interactions of Stan and his sister on the phone was the best! And the scene with the waiter? FTW. I had a big grin on my face...he deserves his own story! i do wonder what exactly he was trying to do--flirt of help out...or what...lol!

Thanks for sharing! I look forward to reading more. I'm glad your creative juices are flowing...or you are just DEMANDING them to squeeze themselves out of you and pour onto the page! I know you had struggles with that. and you have one fan sitting here knowing they were in you!
and so...so...polite!

Haha yes, I love polite men. Must be the teacher in me, lol.

I had a big grin on my face...he deserves his own story! i do wonder what exactly he was trying to do--flirt of help out...or what...lol!

Good question. I'm not quite sure myself. Maybe I will write a story for him one day. :) He would be a lot of fun, I'm sure! (But what kind of man would be able to handle him???)

I'm glad your creative juices are flowing...or you are just DEMANDING them to squeeze themselves out of you and pour onto the page!

A bit of both, really. I've wanted to write a lot lately (a huge improvement), but I've still had to do a lot of forcing when I actually sit down to write.

Thanks for your comments. It means a lot to me that you're reading and enjoying Money's Worth. Knowing people are reading is a great motivator to work on the next installment. :D