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Money's Worth, Part Ten (X-posted from FFF)

Here's the latest installment of Money's Worth.  Enjoy! 

Money’s Worth—Part Ten

As Stan watched, his body tense with desire and anticipation, Cole curled his hand around Stan’s cock.  He leaned forward slowly—so slowly—and ran his tongue around the head. 

A choked gasp was the only sound Stan could manage.  He clutched at the sheets beneath him.  It had been far too long since he’d indulged in anything but the most perfunctory sexual gratification.  He was afraid he’d embarrass himself by coming way too soon, or by acting desperate.  He was desperate for more, but he didn’t want to be obvious about it.  For once he hoped to be able to project a semblance of the cool he didn’t possess.    

Cole’s free hand slid over one of Stan’s clenched fists, untangling it from the sheets.  He stopped his teasing to smile up at Stan.  “You can touch me if you want.  You can do anything you want to do.”

Relieved, Stan loosed his tight grip on the sheets and forced himself to relax.  Maybe playing cool wasn’t necessary.  He slid a tentative hand into Cole’s hair and let the silky strands slip through his fingers.  Cole hummed his approval and leaned forward once more.  This time he took Stan’s whole erection into his hot, wet mouth, all the way to the root. 

Thinking suddenly became difficult.  Stan moaned.  His hand in Cole’s hair tightened.  The instinctive movement seemed to encourage Cole, who pulled back until Stan’s cock nearly slipped from his mouth and then plunged down again. 

That was all it took.  Stan’s control snapped.  His hips began to move up to meet Cole’s mouth of their own accord.  Cole took his movements in stride, bobbing faster and opening wider to take Stan deeper.

The heat, the wetness, the friction, the suction, everything was perfect.  As he continued to thrust up into Cole’s welcoming mouth, Stan tried to express his appreciation.  All that came out was a mumbled, “Gah.”    

Cole’s eyes twinkled up at him, amused.  If Cole could still think enough to be amused, Stan wasn’t doing his job. 

He forced himself to tug at Cole’s hair lightly.  “Wait.”

Cole pulled off with a loud pop.  He shot Stan an innocent grin.  “What’s wrong?”

Stan could feel the heat staining his cheekbones, but he persisted.  “I want to please you, too.”          

“You are, believe me.”  Cole’s grin widened.  Then he cocked an eyebrow.  “I guess it all depends on what you want to happen next.”

Feeling impossibly clueless, Stan just stared.  He couldn’t seem to string together enough brain cells to ask what Cole meant.

Cole elaborated, “We can just do more of this, which would be cool with me.  Or we could do…more.”  He leaned down again, licked a long, wet stripe up Stan’s erection.  “And if you want to do more, will you need this later?”

“Oh.”  Stan’s cheeks flamed hotter as he realized what Cole was asking.  Did he want to have sex—he couldn’t seem to call it “fucking,” even in his head—and if so, did he want to top?  He could do either, and had many times.  This time, though, the thought of Cole’s cock pushing its way into him made him squirm.  “I won’t.  Be needing that, I mean.”

Cole didn’t laugh at his stammering delivery.  He nodded and took Stan’s cock into his mouth again, picking right up where he’d left off.  He set up a fast pace.  He alternating hard suction with soft, his tongue teasing and licking everywhere it could reach.  One of his hands slid up Stan’s thigh to the crease where leg and thigh met, caressing the skin there and making its way to his balls. 

The first gentle squeeze to the soft sacs sent Stan’s pleasure soaring.  An inarticulate cry slipped out.  He arched into Cole’s touch, his back bowing.  His body felt wound tight, ready for an explosion. 

Then one of Cole’s fingers, slick with spit, slid down to brush over his hole.  The tight coil of pleasure in Stan’s entire body burst.  His eyelids fell closed.  Colors danced behind them as pleasure boiled through him.  His dick pulsed into the warm cavern of Cole’s mouth.  Cole didn’t try to pull away.  He swallowed everything Stan had to give, kept sucking with gentler and gentler motions until Stan was fully spent. 

Stan collapsed onto the mattress, gasping.  One arm fell over his eyes.  The other hand went, of its own accord, to twine in Cole’s soft hair.  Cole laid his head on Stan’s thigh, seeming content to stay there.

After a minute or two Stan caught his breath a bit.  His racing heart slowed enough that he didn’t feel like it was going to explode like the rest of him had.  He even managed to lift his arm.  He peered down at Cole, who watched him with those gorgeous blue eyes.  “Wow.”

Cole smiled but said nothing.  He pressed a kiss to Stan’s thigh.

The sweet gesture reminded Stan that Cole hadn’t come.  While he had been basking in the afterglow, trying to recover really, poor Cole had to be dying for some release of his own.

Stan tugged his hair again.  “Come up here.”

Cole crawled up the bed, rubbing against him in a way that would have been arousing if he hadn’t just come.  As it was, his tired body tried to respond.  Maybe being around Cole would shorten his recovery time.  Stan smiled a little at the thought.

“What’s so funny?”  Cole eyed him as if he’d like to share the joke.

Stan shook his head.  He wasn’t going to share his silly, middle-aged musings.  Instead, he pulled Cole in for a deep, Stan-flavored kiss.  Cole moaned and kissed him back.  Their tongues tangled, and Stan reveled in the musky, salt-bitter flavor of his own release mingled with Cole’s sweeter flavor.  If there had ever been a better combination, he hadn’t tasted it. 

Feeling playful now that his immediate need had been taken care of, Stan pushed Cole onto his back and moved to straddle him.