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Money's Worth, Part Eleven (THE END, X-posted from FFF)

It's finally time for the conclusion to Money's Worth. I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Opinions welcome...

Money’s Worth—Part Eleven

Cole gazed up at him, his eyes warm with an emotion Stan was hesitant to identify.  Whatever it was, it was good, and it made Stan’s own smile widen.  He leaned down to kiss Cole. 

He kept the contact brief.  When Cole tried to deepen the kiss, he pulled back and shook his head.  “Don’t try to distract me.  It’s your turn.”

“Mm, I like the sound of that…”  Cole’s voice trailed off, becoming a low moan as Stan rolled his hips against Cole’s in a slow grind.  “Shit.  Do that again.”

Stan obliged, giving him another long slide of naked skin against clothed.  Cole’s erection pushed the cloth of his slacks up as if it would burst right through.  Stan dipped his fingertips beneath the waistband, just enough to graze the tip of that straining cock.  Precome dampened the head, warm and slick. 

He brought his fingers to his mouth and swiped the moisture from them with his tongue.  The flavor—musk, salt, a little bittersweet—exploded over his tongue. 

Cole gaped at Stan, lips parted.  “Oh my God, that’s hot.” 

Maybe I’ve still got it after all.  Or maybe I never lost it.  Spurred on by Cole’s obvious desire for him, Stan slid down Cole’s body far enough to get his slacks off.  He had the button popped and the zipper down in seconds.  “Lift up.”

Cole’s hips snapped up so fast Stan almost laughed.  His enthusiasm was contagious, though, so Stan just stripped off his pants and boxers.  He paused at Cole’s feet to pull of his socks as well, playfully nibbling at Cole’s ankles as he did.

Cole laughed.  “Stop.”

“You’re ticklish?”  Armed with that little bit of information, Stan nipped and teased his way back up Cole’s legs, from calf to thigh. 

Chuckling and squirming, Cole tried to evade him.  “Stan!”

Somehow, Cole being ticklish only added to his appeal.  Not that Stan had found anything not to like about Cole so far.  The man seemed damned near perfect. 

“Okay, okay!  I give!  Whatever you want.”  Cole’s voice came out breathless, but no less aroused than before.  That and his still rock-hard erection told Stan Cole didn’t really mind what he was doing.

“I’ll hold you to that, you know.  Later.” 

Cole’s only answer was a moan, because Stan took his cock into his mouth and sucked hard.  Stan would have liked to spend a long time teasing Cole’s smooth, beautiful cock, but he wanted to feel it inside him too much for that.  He lingered long enough for a few long, deep sucks before he pulled off with a pop and crawled back up Cole’s body to straddle him once more. 

He reached into the drawer of his nightstand and came up with a condom and a battered tube of lube.  After dropping the lube onto Cole’s stomach, he leaned down to kiss him again.  Cole grabbed the back of his neck and held him there.  He let his lips part, let Cole’s tongue invade and tangle with his own.  Cole trailed his free hand down Stan’s chest and lower still. 

To his surprise, his body was reacting to Cole’s touch as if he hadn’t just come a few minutes earlier.  He smiled against Cole’s mouth and rubbed their lower bodies together, reveling in Cole’s muffled gasp. 

He wanted Cole inside him.  Now.  He broke the kiss and sat up, his breath coming fast.  He tore the condom open, his fingers made clumsy by renewed desire.  The few seconds he took to get the thin latex rolled down Cole’s cock felt like an eternity.  He grabbed the lube and popped the cap, squeezing out too much in his haste.

Cole watched him, those blue eyes shining.  “Need help?”

In lieu of a verbal answer, which seemed beyond him, Stan slathered some of the extra lube onto Cole’s hand and used what he’d kept to slick Cole’s dick. 

Cole hissed, and for a moment he didn’t move.  Then cool, slick fingers found Stan’s opening and circled around it, and it was Stan’s turn to hiss.  He shifted to give Cole better access, closing his eyes when one finger slid home. 

Yes.  He wasn’t sure if he said the word aloud or only thought it.  Either way, Cole began to stroke that slick finger in and out, opening him up.  “More.”

Another finger pushed in alongside the first.  The fit was tight, but in a good way.  Not as good as what he wanted.  He caught Cole’s wrist.       

Again Cole seemed to know exactly what he didn’t say.  The fingers slid from his body.  He positioned himself and sank down onto what he really wanted.  He had to go slowly at first.  It had been a while, and Cole wasn’t exactly small.  He took Cole past the first ring of muscle, waited, moved up again, and then down.  Up and down, a little further each time, until his ass rested against Cole’s thighs. 

Cole watched him, his gaze almost awed, but said nothing.  He just waited. 

For a few moments, Stan let his body adjust and savored the feeling of fullness.  How had he let himself go so long without this?  But soon his body demanded movement.  He lifted up until he’d almost lost their connection before slamming back down. 

“If you keep doing that, this won’t last long,” Cole muttered. 

“We can do long next time.”  Stan closed his eyes as he lifted up again and pushed back down, savoring the sweet burn. 

“Thank God.”  Cole grabbed Stan’s hips in a grip just shy of painful and began to thrust up to meet Stan’s movements. 

Stan threw his head back and surrendered to the heat, the pressure, the need building inside him.  Cole fucked up into him like a piston, murmuring praise and endearments he only half-heard.  Then he grabbed Stan’s dick and started stroking in time to his wild thrusts. 

Just like that, Stan lost it.  Crying out Cole’s name, he came, the pleasure rushing through him fast and hard and white-hot.  His cock twitched, spurting come over both their stomachs.  His ass tightened around Cole’s erection until he swore he could feel every vein and ridge in it. 

Cole let out a wordless cry of his own.  His movements became jerky, erratic.  He thrust up a few more times and fell back to the bed.  Stan collapsed on top of him, panting. 

“Let me take care of this.”  Cole shifted beneath him and reached for the box of tissues on the nightstand.   

Stan shifted to his side next to Cole, who made quick work of the condom.  He smiled at Stan and patted his chest.  “Come back here.”  He paused, grinned, blushed a little.  “I hope you’re a cuddler, because I kind of am.”

The words brought a rush of emotion Stan was too tired and satisfied to sort through.  He smiled back.  “I’ve been known to cuddle.  On occasion.”  He settled against Cole’s side and rested his head on Cole’s chest.  They fit. 

One of Cole’s hands made its way to Stan’s hair.  Stan closed his eyes and breathed, letting Cole’s gentle touch soothe him as his heartbeat slowed and his overheated body cooled. 

Cole was so quiet Stan thought he had gone to sleep.  The sound of his throat clearing proved Stan wrong.  Another few seconds of silence passed, before he said quietly, “Back when I was in your class and had a huge crush on you, I used to try to imagine what it would be like to make love with you.  My imagination didn’t even come close.  Maybe because I didn’t know you then, not really.  But I’d like to get to know you now.”

Lifting his head, Stan met Cole’s hopeful gaze.  There wasn’t anything else to say but, “I’d like that too.”

Cole’s bright smile took Stan’s breath away.


Later, listening to Cole’s soft, even breathing, Stan thought about how terrible he had expected the evening to be.  When he told his sister and nieces their ridiculous scheme had actually worked, they would gloat forever.  He wouldn’t mind, though. 

They’d gotten their money’s worth, and he’d gotten something a lot more precious than that.